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useful phone number

  • Emergency Medical Center1339
  • General Information Center1345
  • Interpreting Service1588-5644
  • Ulsan Global Center1577-2818
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Types of Residences List
Types Description
Apartment (Mansion)
  • Mass housing with over 5 floors where an administrator is always present.
  • Offers a public parking lot as well as convenience facilities including a small shopping center.
Private House
  • A stand-alone structure build on a piece of Land.
  • Low-rise western-style mansion (with less than 5 floors)
  • Usually wider than a regular apartment
  • A guard and an administrator are on duty during working hours in most cases
  • Buildings with residential and office units
  • A guard and an administrator are on duty during working hours. A Parking lot is also available.
Multi-Family House
  • Small-scale apartments in a low-rise building
  • No guards nor administrators. A Parking lot is also available.

Officetel: A Building with both residential and office units. It contains one room, two-room and three-room apartments. Some also have hotel-style, or studio apartments depending on the building.

Source: Busan Life (http://www.busanlife.or.kr)