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  • Emergency Medical Center1339
  • General Information Center1345
  • Interpreting Service1588-5644
  • Ulsan Global Center1577-2818
  • Garbage Collection
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Garbage collection expenses are paid by those who dispose of garbage. Thus, you need to buy garbage bags and food waste bag stickers in supermarkets or neighboring shops in order for garbage trucks collect them.

General Garbage
  • General garbage shall be put in various sizes of garbage bags bought in supermarkets or neighboring shops. Put garbage bags in front of houses in order for garbage trucks to collect them at the designated collection time.
  • Garbage bags are sold in supermarkets or neighboring shops. The prices slightly differ by district.
Garbage bag price list
Garbage bag price list
4 districts Ulju-gun
5ℓ : 160 Won 5ℓ : 100 Won
10ℓ : 310 Won 10ℓ : 200 Won
20ℓ : 600 Won 20ℓ : 400 Won
50ℓ : 1,490 Won 50ℓ : 1,000 Won
75ℓ : 2,220 Won(only for Buk-gu)  
100ℓ : 2,960 Won 100ℓ : 2,000 Won
Food waste
  • All food waste from households or restaurants is recycled (used for production of gas, feed and fertilizer). Completely remove foreign substances (including bottles, covers, vinyl) before disposal.
  • Put food waste in food waste containers on the date designated by district offices and put the containers in front of the house. The food waste collection trucks will collect them. The food waste containers shall have the food waste fee receipts on them (chip or sticker).
  • Those who live in apartments or public housing can put food waste in designated food waste containers.
  • The food waste containers are 5ℓ, 20ℓ, 60ℓ and 120ℓ. The food waste fee receipts are 20 to 60 Won per ℓ, which vary by district.
  • Recyclable goods : scrap iron, clothing, styrofoam, paper, fluorescent bulbs, plastic, vinyl packages (snack bags, Ramen bags, etc.)
  • For apartments and public housing, the recyclable goods disposal days are designated. Each household keeps recyclable goods and disposes of them on the designated day.
  • General houses put the recyclable goods in front of their house on the designated days, and the recyclable collection trucks collect them.
Large waste
  • For large waste (including furniture, home appliances, wood, etc.) that can't be put in garbage bags, you must contact the relevant division at the district office for disposal. Notify them of the date of disposal you want and check where to place it and pay the appropriate collection fees. Then, place the large waste items in the designated location on the designated day.
  • Fees vary by type and size of waste.
Waste Management Division in District Offices
  • Environment and cleaning division in Jung-gu office (052 -290-3760)
  • Environmental Management division in Nam-gu office (052 -226-5771)
  • Environment and cleaning team in Dong-gu office (052 -209-3600)
  • Environment and cleaning division in Buk-gu office (052 -219-7380)
  • Environmental Management division in Ulju-gun office(052 -229-7681)

Source: Busan Life (http://www.busanlife.or.kr)