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  • International Marriage

It is required to report an international marriage to the local authority to prove the marriage in Korea. The marriage report requires the following documents:

  • Notarized marriage certificate proving the marriage, whether the wedding ceremony is held in Korea or another country (a Korean translation is required for marriage certificates in a foreign language)
  • Copy of family register to prove that both parties are unmarried (bigamy is not allowed in Korea); family register for the Korean and equivalent document for the foreigners
  • Marriage report with the signature of two Korean witnesses to confirm the marriag
  • Marriage report is completed within 3 to 4 days after you submit the documents above to you local district office. You local district office depends on the Korean's address listed on your Alien Registration Card.
Stay Visa for Spouse
  • The process for a Korean man to marry a foreign woman in Korea is easier than when a Korean woman marries a foreign man.
  • An F-1 visa after marriage allows the holder to stay for 33 weeks or 6 months. So a spouse needs to extend the visa or go to another country and return to Korea again. Thus, a foreign spouse feels unsecure and cannot even work in Korea.
  • Since Korea has no system of permanent residence, if you want to stay in Korea, it is worth considering becoming naturalized.
  • If you have been staying in Korea for two years after marriage and apply for naturalization with the Ministry of Justice, you can obtain Korean citizenship after passing the citizenship test.
  • When you obtain Korean citizenship, you should renounce your previous citizenship within six months. Korea does not permit dual citizenship.

Source: Busan Life (http://www.busanlife.or.kr)