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  • Emergency Medical Center1339
  • General Information Center1345
  • Interpreting Service1588-5644
  • Ulsan Global Center1577-2818
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High Speed Internet

With the rapid expansion of high speed internet across Korea, one of the world's most Internet-savvy countries, high speed internet services are available in most homes. There are three major companies offering high speed internet services: KT Megapass, LG Powercom, and SK Broadband. By calling the customer service center of a service provider or requesting their service after joining any service provider via their homepage, an installation engineer visits you to install the internet service.

To use the internet service, you need appropriate hardware for a wired internet service and wireless capabilities for a wireless internet service. The initial installation cost is around 30,000 Won, and monthly service charges range from 25,000 to 30,000 Won (VAT excluded). However, service charges vary between internet service providers and their various products. Most members may obtain discounts by contracting their service for 1 to 3 years. However, if you cancel the internet service before the termination of the contract period, you need to pay the discounted amount you received during the period of contract. You also need to pay rental fees for modems and AP.

internet table.
Service Providers Customer Center Service Providers Customer Center
Megapass (KT) 100 without a telephone exchange number LG Powercom 1644-7000
SK Broadband 100 without a telephone exchange number Dreamline 1566-1212
LG DACOM Boranet (korea) 1544-0001    
Internet Cafes (PC Bang)

You can find locations with internet capability at "PC Game Bang" or "Internet Cafes" everywhere from small villages to downtown Ulsan. These so-called "PC Bangs," usually include words such as "Cyber," "Net" or "Internet Plaza" in their names. They are a convenient place to go if you need to send emails, surf the web, type or print a document or surf the internet. You can use the internet at a relatively moderate price. Fees range from 1,000 Won to 1,500 Won per hour. Sometimes a discount is given if you purchase a membership ticket or if you use the internet late at night.

Source: Busan Life (http://www.busanlife.or.kr)