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Ulsan is a dynamic city leading economic growth in the North East Asia region in the 21st century.
Strategic hub city in Northeast Asia


Ulsan is located along the southeast coast in Korea. Its population is 1,160,000 and GRDP is USD 56,000. Ulsan is 1,060㎢ in area.

As Ulsan is in an area where the ocean and the continent meet, it is easy to move out toward the ocean and the continent. It takes about 2 hours from Ulsan to major cities in East Asia including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Osaka. Its geographical conditions make it perfect as a strategic hub city.

Ulsan, Industrial Capital in Korea


Ulsan is a Korean industrial city accounting for 15.2% of industrial output in Korea as one of 4 production cities in Asia, with product export equivalent to USD 97.3 billion.

Ulsan has the leading industrial cluster for automotives, shipbuilding and petrochemical industries. Ulsan ranks top in the automotive and shipbuilding industries and second in the petrochemical industry in terms of production in Korea. Ulsan continues to ensure its strong position as a growth engine for the Korean economy.

Ulsan, Eco-friendly city


Ulsan, a city with beautiful mountains, clean, clear rivers and a deep blue sea. Ulsan has been renovated as an eco-friendly city where development and preservation have existed together in harmony for about 40 years.